Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for E – Waste Management in Punjab

Client Name: PIU/PSU, PRIDE Program, Planning and Development Board, Government of the Punjab.

Scope of Services: The Consultant successfully delivered the following scope of the services under this project;

  1. Identify sources of E-Waste and estimate quantity of E-Waste generated in Punjab and expected to be generated by the program activities.
  2. Identify and enlist enterprises/units dealing in handling, collection, storage, transportation, disposal, treatment, recycling and import of E-Waste in Punjab
  3. Assess the practices and capacity of recycling of E-Waste enterprises/units with respect to pollution control systems.
  4. Develop detailed SOPs for the management of E-Waste in Punjab generated from the PRIDE ICT activities based on the requirements of Punjab Environmental Protection Act 2012, Punjab Occupational Health & Safety Act 2019, EHS Guidelines and international best practices for regulating hazardous waste system.
  5. Recommend health and safety measures for the labor engaged in the E-Waste handling, collection, storage, transportation, disposal, treatment and recycling.
  6. Develop capacity development plan for the E-Waste stakeholders and deliver relevant trainings as required.

The key team members of the JV were:

  • Mr. Ali Abdullah, Team Leader / Environmental Engineer
  • Dr. Irshad Ahmad, Hazardous Waste Management Expert
  • Mr. Arshad Rafiq, Sociologist
  • Mr. Saadat Ali, Solid Waste Management Advisor


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