Initial Environmental Examination of Granite Quarrying near Leswa, District Neelum

Narrative Description of Project: M/s Shahzad Zahoor Granite & Marbal Processing Industry Mirpur intends to quarry granite from mountains near Leswa, District Neelum, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).The purpose of the project is to provide granite to the construction industry of all districts of AJK to meet their needs at an affordable price. The mining industry is an important component of the construction sector in the country engaged in producing marble and granite used in buildings, bridges, paving, monuments, and many other exterior projects. Indoors, polished granite slabs and tiles are used in countertops, tile floors, stair treads and many other design elements

Name of Client: M/s Shahzad Zahoor Granite & Marbal Processing Industry Mirpur

Location Within Country Leswa, District Neelum, Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:

  • Engr. Saadat Ali, Environmental Engineer and Team Leader
  • Engr. Ali Abduallh, Enviro-Civil Engineer
  • Mr. M. Wajahat Saeed, Environmental Engineer
  • Ms. Iram Sifat, Environmental Engineer

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:

The services included:

  • Collected Baseline (Physical, Biological and Socio-economic) of the project area
  • Identified and assessed of all major and minor impacts during Pre- construction, Construction and Operation phases of the Project;
  • Identified all significant impacts that may require detailed assessment;
  • Proposed mitigation measures to minimize, eliminate or to compensate the potential adverse impacts identified.
  • Prepared Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plan
  • Prepared Plantation Plan.
  • Prepared Initial Environmental Examination Report of the project


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