Environmental Management Plan of Samra Enterprises

Narrative Description of Project:

Samra Enterprises was founded in 1985 and is providing construction and engineering services in Islamabad. The capacity of the Concrete Mixing Plant is 0.5 cubic meter which meets the only daily requirement of concrete of Samra Enterprises. The concrete is transported in 5 cubic meter transit mixer to the designated site. The maximum daily load of concrete is 15 cubic meter which is transport in 3 trips of transit mixer. The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) of Concrete Mixing Plant of Samra Enterprises provides the implementation mechanism for the recommended mitigation measures for a sustainable operation of the plant.

Location Within Country Malot Sayyadian, Islamabad

Name of Client: M/s Samra Enterprise

Year: 2018

Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved :

  • Engr. Saadat Ali, Environmental Engineer and Team Leader
  • Engr. Ali Abduallh, Enviro-Civil Engineer
  • Mr. M. Wajahat Saeed, Environmental Engineer
  • Ms. Iram Sifat, Environmental Engineer

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:

The services included:

  • Collected Baseline (Physical, Biological and Socio-economic) of the project area
  • Identified and assessed of all major and minor impacts during Pre- construction, Construction and Operation phases of the Project;
  • Proposed mitigation measures to minimize, eliminate or to compensate the potential adverse impacts identified.
  • Prepared Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plan
  • Prepared Plantation Plan.
  • Prepared Environmental Management Plan


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