Initial Environmental Examination of Seven Bridges

Description: The project consists of seven sub projects i.e. 40 meter pre-stressed concrete grider bridge over Jandrot Nullah Qamroti Slon Road, Kotli district. 240 meter pre-stressed concrete grider bridge over Nail Nullah at Navel, Tehsil Fatehpur (Nakyal), Kotli district. Multi span Culvert Bridge at Kohala Naghal, Gulpur Road, Kotli district. 50 meter bridge at Hill Kotla in Nakyal, Barrmoach road (Nakyal) , Kotli district. 60 meter bridge over Ban Nullah at Ghair, Khuiratta  Nakyal in Tehsil Nakyal, Kotli district. 20.70 meter RCC Multi span Box Culvert/Bridge at Dhamal Chawala road, Kotli district. 31 meter bridge over Khor Nullah at Khor Kotehra Rachala Road in Khuiratta, Nakyal, Kotli district. The total cost of all seven projects is Rs 267.961 M and will be completed in three years.

Client: Public Work Department

Location: Kotli, AJ&K

Year: 2013


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