Initial Environmental Examination of Dualization of Hyderabad Badin Road Project

Description: The Dualization of Hyderabad Badin Road Project involves the construction of 100 km long dual carriageway having width of 60 ft. in 110 ft. RoW. The Project will be extended from the existing centerline of the road to 55 ft. on each side. The total width of the paved section of the road will be 74.25 ft. The project foresees construction of a Base Camp, 17 bridges, 140 culverts, 08 Toll Plaza, Weighing Toll Plaza , Rest Areas, Bus stops, U – Turns, Additional Lines, Electrification, and Drainage Networks. The tentative cost of the project is Rs. 11 Billion PKR and will be completed in 72 months.

Client: Mr Shahid Lutfi, Environmental Consultant

Location: Islamabad

Year: 2010


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