Environmental Impact Assessment of Lifestyle Residency Sector G-13 Islamabad, Project

Description: The Project site having an area of 6,696,000 Sq. ft. is located in two sub-sectors of G-13 Islamabad. There is a 10 acres plot having an area of 4, 40,000 sq. ft. in G 13/1 and 5 acres plot to have an area of 2,296,00 sq. ft. in G 13/4. The Lifestyle Residency will have 2,820 residential apartments with all basic facilities. The apartment blocks have eighteen floors (three basements for parking, one ground floor, and fourteen floors). The total estimated cost of the project is Rs 10.6 Billion rupees and will be completed in four years.

Client: Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation

Location: Islamabad

Year: 2013


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