Environmental Impact Assessment of 40.32 MW Harigehl-Majeeda Hydropower Project

Location: Bagh and Poonch District, AJK

Name of Client: Saani Power (Pvt.) Ltd

Narrative Description of Project: The objective of the project is to exploit the existing hydropower potential of Mahl River for development of hydroelectric power. Furthermore, the project will meet the electricity requirement of the community living in Poonch and Bagh Districts of AJK, and to deliver surplus energy to National Grid via 132/11kv Minhassa Grid.

Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) :

  • Engr. Saadat Ali, Environmental Engineer/Team Leader
  • Mr. Ali Abdullah, Enviro-civil Engineer
  • Ms. Iqra Munawar, GIS Expert
  • Ms. Khushbakht Andleeb, Environmental Scientist
  • Mr. Adil Ashraf, Environmental Engineer
  • Mr. Massab Sayed, Environmental Scientist
  • Mr. Tariq Khan, Flora Fauna Expert

Description of Actual Services Provided by PPI:

The services included:

  • Collected Baseline (Physical, Biological and Socio-economic) of the project area
  • Identified and assessed of all major and minor impacts during Pre- construction, Construction and Operation phases of the Project;
  • Identified all significant impacts that may require detailed assessment;
  • Proposed mitigation measures to minimize, eliminate or to compensate the potential adverse impacts identified.
  • Prepared Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plan
  • Prepared Plantation Plan.
  • Prepared Environmental Impact Assessment Report of the project


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