Environmental Documentation Form for Construction of Nanoki Weir and water channel

Description: The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is funding constructing of Nanoki Weir and water channel. The project is to construct Nanoki Weir with a height of 1.5 m and 24 m wide located at 35 m upstream of a bridge at Tangaro Nullah and a water channel of 1.2 m wide and 1 km long to bring the water to 200 acres of cultivable land in Panragara in Orakzai Agency. The project will be completed in one year at an estimated cost of US $ 0.530 m.

Client: FATA Development Program – Livelihood Development (FDP-LD).

Location: Nanoki, Orakzai Agency, FATA

Year: 2010


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