PPI Qualification in Solid Waste Management, Treatment and Disposal

PPI and its key staff has proven experience in Solid Waste Management, Treatment and Disposal in Pakistan as follows:

A: Establishment of Strategy/Guidelines for Solid Waste Management in Pakistan

Our Proprietor, Engr. Saadat Ali has prepared strategy/guidelines for Solid Waste Management in Pakistan as follows:

  • Present status of Solid Waste Management in Pakistan and Strategy for its improvement.
  • Guidelines on solid waste disposal and landfill establishment
  • Guidelines for Incineration
  • Model Hazardous Waste Management Facility in Islamabad.

The strategy and guidelines can be seen on the website: http://www.environment.gov.pk/EA-GLines/SWMGLinesDraft.pdf

B: Solid Waste Characterization and Generation Studies

 The estimation and the prediction of municipal solid waste generation play an important role in solid waste management. PPI has developed a reliable model for calculating and subsequently predicting the aggregate impact of economic trends, population changes, and recycling impact on solid waste generation.

The Waste Amount and Charaterization Survey (WACS) is conducted on sample preparation based on quarter coning technique as recommended by Japan International Cooperation Agency.

The Waste Amount and Characterization Study does provide an estimation of total solid waste generation and its characteristics, quantities of recyclable materials (cardboard, paper, plastics, metals, aluminium, glass, inert material etc. in the waste stream.

Furthermore, the quantities of waste into different types is worked out i.e., biodegradable and non-biodegradable; recyclable, compostable and inter materials; combustible and non-combustible materials.

The waste characterization study do provide necessary inputs for the design of Material Recovery Facility, Compost Plant, Bio Gas Plant, Waste to Energy and Sanitary Landfill.

D: Need Assessment for Solid Waste Management System

The need assessment of the existing Solid Waste management System do cover following aspects:

  • Estimation of solid waste generation per day
  • Human resource requirement;
  • Technical aspects of existing solid waste generation, collection, storage, transportation and disposal;
  • Social aspects specially the role of scavengers;
  • Environmental aspects; and
  • Financial aspects.

The need assessment of existing solid waste management do provide necessary output specification for the proposed Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan.

E: Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan

PPI has proven experience of preparation of Integrated Solid waste Management Plan for sustainable municipal waste management which is based on following guiding principles:

  • Assessment of SWM regulations, policies, institutions, and systems for municipal, hazardous industrial and infectious hospital wastes.
  • Perform in–depth field assessment of physical infrastructure, systems relating to waste segregation, recycling, transportation, treatment and disposal.
  • Assessment of quantity and characterization of solid waste projections for 30 years.
  • Review of current and planned private sector interventions, including the activities of the informal private sector.
  • Technical analysis and identification of institutional, regulatory and physical improvement options, in particular, to allow the option of private sector participation in the SWM services.
  • Consultations with stakeholder, government, civil society, scavengers and the private sector to reach a consensus on priority sector actions.
  • Formulation of ISWM plans for the City Administration which includes, a strategic development framework, recommendation for infrastructure and service improvement, an indicative implementation schedule, cost estimates with financing plan, human resource development, participation of private sector in ISWM service delivery etc.

The significant components of ISWM Plan do include, Capital Resources – Vehicles and Plant; Capital Resources – Property; Human Resources; and Management Procedures

Flow diagram of Solid Waste Management System for Nawabshah, District Benazirabad

F: Selection of Site for Construction of Sanitary Landfills

PPI has investigated and identify potential sites for construction of sanitary landfills in Pakistan.

Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency has prepared (draft) guidelines for Solid Waste Management in Pakistan which also contains guidelines on solid waste disposal and landfill establishments. Similarly, the Sindh Devolved Social Services Program, Government of Sindh has prepared guidelines for the identification and establishment of a Landfill site at TMA/District Level, Sindh, Pakistan.

All the potential site selection are considered against the established criteria for construction of sanitary landfills in Pakistan:

  • Geo-technical and Hydrological Investigation: soil condition, water table
  • Environmental: Landfill gas management, Odor, nuisance, Local ecological conditions, Risk to groundwater contamination, Proximity to water courses, Occurrence of flooding
  • Socio-economical: Life, capacity, land value/use, public acceptability, property lines, archaeological cultural sites
  • Technical Operational: Cover material availability, Access Road, Distance from the waste consumption, Proximity to airports
  • Investment/Operating costs: Comparison of capital and operational cost estimates

The detailed analysis of all potential sites are prepared on the basis of above-mentioned criteria and the best site is selected for the construction of sanitary landfill.

Once a suitable site is selected for construction of sanitary landfill then detailed investigation are carried out as follows:

  • Hydro-geological assessment of groundwater and unsaturated (vadose) zone conditions, and groundwater quality;
  • Geotechnical surveys of surface geologic materials for suitability as   landfill foundation and as low-permeability clay liming and landfill cover materials;
  • Surface drainage analysis;
  • Seismic and slope stability assessments where required.

The design inputs for construction of sanitary landfill are established on the basis of analyses of the above mentioned site investigations.

G: Manual for operation of Sanitary Landfill

PPI has prepared operational manual for sanitary landfill facility, providing guidance on the operations of each of the facility over the long term as follows:

  • Management, recorded keeping and reporting requirements.
  • Site security and access restriction procedures,
  • Noise, litter, dust and odor control,
  • Environmental Management Plan implementation, monitoring and reporting procedures,
  • Vehicles and equipment operations and maintenance, and
  • Facilities maintenance (access roads, fences, weighbridge, other buildings and utilities).

H: Feasibility Study for Material Recovery Facility, Plastic Recycling and Compost Plants.

PPI has prepared feasibility studies for Material Recovery Facility, In-vessel composting facility and a mixed plastic recycling unit coupled with PVC pipe manufacturing unit.

I: Preliminary Engineering Design of ISWM System

PPI has experience in preparation of preliminary engineering design of ISWM system which includes details of infrastructure including storage, collection, transportation, proposed treatment and disposal options. The preliminary cost shall include:

  • Cost of communal bins, garbage lifting vehicles, civil, workshop, and other allied facilities, proposed treatment options, logistics and separate cost for final disposal at sanitary landfill.
  • O&M component wise cost to assess the sustainability of project.

The preliminary design do meet internationally recognized standards of engineering and environmental protection after the finalization of proposed treatment and disposal options.

An Initial Environmental Examination shall be carried out for the selected treatment and disposal sites in accordance with the requirements of existing applicable environmental laws in Pakistan, addressing all environmental issues associated with the construction of the proposed facilities.

We have carried out Following Projects:



Project Title Name of Organization/ Clients Year
Solid Waste Generation and Classification Survey of Bahria Town Rawalpindi Balaji Enterprises 2019
Innovative, Research and Feasibility: Study of waste Generation and Composition in Mardan Water Sanitation Services Company Mardan (WSSCM) 2019
Hospital/Solid Waste (Generation and Classification Survey) in AJK. Azad Jammu & Kashmir Environmental Protection Agency (AJK – EPA) 2018
Characterization and Quantification Study of the Solid Waste of UC 9 &10, Rawalpindi. World Vision Pakistan, Islamabad 2014
Solid Waste Collection and Disposal System for Bhalwal Industrial Estate Sargodha. EA Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd., Karachi 2012
Geotechnical Investigation For Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility at Nawabshah City. Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Sindh, Karachi 2010
Waste Characterization and Generation Study of Nawabshah City, District Shaheed Benazirabad, Sindh. Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Sindh, Karachi 2010
Hydrogeological study of Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility at Nawabshah City. Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Sindh, Karachi 2010
Seismic Analysis of Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility at Nawabshah City. Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Sindh, Karachi 2010
 Preliminary Engineering Design of Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility at Nawabshah city. Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Sindh, Karachi 2010
Solid Waste Characterization Study for Material Recovery Facility Under Improvement of Environment by Solid Waste Management in Islamabad, Pakistan. Ceres Associates Gulf, Ras-ul-Khaima, UAE 2006
Present Status of Solid Waste Management in Pakistan and Strategy for its Improvement. Guidelines on Establishment of Sanitary Landfills, Incineration and Model Hazardous Waste Management Facility in Islamabad. United Nations Development Program, Pakistan 2004